Anki Larsson is a very popular, much loved and highly acklaimed actress who’s worked in theatre and film for almost 40 years. She got her big break in 2005 as the lonely and heartbreaking character, Emily Blomgren, in the wonderful TV series Saltön. The series has one of the highest Swedish TV viewing figures ever. The much anticipated 4th season of Saltön completed filming in 2015.

Anki Larsson is highly appreciated by her co-workers and often works  with the same director over and over again. She has worked with directors such as Jens Jonsson, Patrik Eklund and Lena Koppel.

Patrik Eklund’s short film “Instead of Abracadabra” was nominated for an Oscar in 2010 and in his short film “Seeds of the fall” won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

The award-winning TV series ”Real Humans” has been screened in 56 different countries. Anki Larsson characterizes the fearsome hubot (human robot) Vera. The part demanded a great amount of physical skill as well as the complex ability to act like a robot acting like a human.

Anki Larsson appears in most of the most popular tv-series such as one of Sweden’s most popular detective dramas, the feature film ”Beck – The Weak Link”, the widely popular comedy ”Solsidan” (Sunny Side), ”The Office”, ”Welcome to Sweden” and ”Gåsmamman”. She always delivers on a very high level and has a wonderful range both emotionally and physically.

But above all Anki is extremly funny! She has perfect comical timing, the ability to improvise seemlessly and offers the element of surprise that elevates every character. Her wonderful personality and talent as an actress makes her one of the most appreciated actresses in Sweden.

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